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Zillow Man on a Mission Episode 1
Zillow Man on a Mission Episode 1 of 2
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Xinova Innovator Network
Xinova Brand Sizzle
Microsoft Sharepoint Organics Sizzle
Microsoft SharePoint Organics Sizzle
Concur Super Power Commercial
Concur Super Powers Sizzle
Sharepoint Swoop Episode 2
Microsoft SharePoint Swoop Episode 1 of 5
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Mary Lambert 360 Music Video
Mary Lambert 360˚ Music Video
Sharepoint Summit
Microsoft SharePoint Customer Sizzle
Zillow Floating Home
Zillow & Small Screen Floating Homes
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Dell Tech 360
Dell Tech World
Zillow Fire Lookout House
Zillow Fire Lookout Social Video
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All Home King County Documentary
All Home King County Launch
Qumulo Launch
Qumulo Launch
Oil And Water PBS Documentary
Oil & Water PBS Feature Doc
Top Pot Donuts
Top Pot & Seattle Seahawks Broadcast Commercial
Jam Filled - Dell Social Video
Dell Social Video
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Busting Out Showtime Documentary
Busting Out Showtime Feature Doc
Hugo's First Flight PBS Short Documentary
Hugo’s First Flight PBS Short Doc
Ultimate Citizens Documentary
Ultimate Citizens Documentary
Pilchuck Dance With Fire
Pilchuck Fidget Films PBS Feature Doc
Popup 360 Camera
Hullabaloo 360˚
Musicians The Presidents of the United States
The Presidents of the USA & “Weird Al” Yankovic music video
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noun; informal
a commotion; an uproar, a fuss.

You’re the heroAt Hullabaloo, we shine a light on the best of who you are and what you’re bringing to market. First, we (really) listen. Then we channel your passion and energy into a smart, strategic story that inspires your audience to act.

Seasoned creative, at your serviceWe’ve created Emmy award-winning work for PBS as well as top shows for MTV, Showtime, Discovery, National Geographic, and more. Whether it’s for broadcast, B2B or B2C, we build bridges to your customers. From 360˚ films and Facebook Live streams, to animations and reality series crafted to tell customer success stories, we’ll help you surprise and delight.

Let’s solve togetherLeft brain. Right brain. It’s that kind of big picture thinking—along with keen attention to detail and a lot of heart—that Hullabaloo uses to champion your brand. From right where the creative meets the persuasive, we work with you to launch video campaigns that connect.
Let us create a Hullabaloo for you.


Principal, Creative Director

Visual virtuoso, story charmer, pop culture aficionado and king of customer care. An Emmy-award winning editor and director of corporate commercials, Tracy’s delivered top shows and documentaries to PBS, MTV, VH-1, BBC, and National Geographic. An industry veteran, Tracy draws on his experience directing reality and music television to offer corporate clients vibrant marketing experiences. In 2015, Tracy launched Hullabaloo into the Wild West of 360˚ video. Since then, the company has post produced some of the most viral 360˚ videos on the Web. Other notable collaborations include working with Bill Nye the Science Guy and “Weird Al” Yankovic. When Tracy’s not performing high wire acrobatics for clients, he can be found enjoying football and sometimes officiating at weddings (15 and still counting).


Principal, Executive Producer

Inspiration architect, obsessive filmmaker, news geek, and silly dancer. Francine is an award-winning director of strategic corporate video campaigns and documentary films for PBS and Showtime. A crackerjack writer who excels in the art of story platform parkour, she’s been a newspaper reporter and producer of live podcasts, webcasts, websites and children’s content. Her independent films have been funded by MacArthur Foundation, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the City of Seattle and many more, with stories ranging from  the world’s largest oil disaster, to immigrant kids winning at Ultimate Frisbee. Whether she’s interviewing corporate titans, brainstorming with clients, or filming in the jungles of the Amazon, Francine always brings back the most engaging stories, and occasionally a few bug bites.

open quote

The Hullabaloo team is one I have sought out again and again for their top-notch visionary and strategic talents and flawless execution. They’ve helped me translate complex, technical content into compelling, visually stimulating stories recognized globally for their positive impacts on customer engagements.

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Diana Hoffman
Senior Manager, IMS Health
open quote

Working with Hullabaloo is a fantastic experience. They really hear what I need and come up with creative solutions to meet those needs.

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Laura Hopkins
Executive Director, Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee
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Hullabaloo is a smart, responsive creative partner who owns making us look good while helping convey the right message to make our vision video sail. Hire them! Glad I did, hands down.

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Mark Kashman
Senior Product Manager, Microsoft
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We had an idea – let’s create a video that inspires people to get involved in the homelessness crisis. Hullabaloo ran with it. They worked professionally, creatively and quickly. We debuted an inspiring, thought-provoking, tear-inducing video at an event for 250 people including the Seattle Mayor and County Executive, and the video remains one of our key messaging tools.

end quote
Mark Putnam
Director, All Home King County
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Hullabaloo can take a general concept and blow it up into something brilliant. They understand content and know how to capture exactly what’s needed to engage and captivate audiences. True professionals with an extraordinary sense of pacing, music and flow, the Hullabaloo team is also fun to work with. Highly recommended.

end quote
Genessa Krasnow
CEO, Revel Wolf Collective
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“Must-See TV” – on Hullabaloo’s reality web series for Microsoft SharePoint

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“Literally too cute for words, and the perfect distraction from all the bad stuff that’s currently going on in the world.” – on Hullabaloo’s 360° Mary Lambert music video

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This is how we do it

Cool collaborations, experiments and inspirations fueling our creativity and customer care.


  • Sharepoint Swoop

    Sharepoint Swoop

    Hullabaloo partners with Microsoft to create SharePoint Swoop, a new reality Web series that POPS! with Funko

  • Mary Lambert

    Mary Lambert

    Grammy-nominated artist Mary Lambert collaborated with Hullabaloo to create her new music video celebrating marriage equality

  • Pearl Jam

    Video “opens” for Pearl Jam’s Seattle Home Shows

    We had just settled into our seats for Pearl Jam’s Home Shows to benefit the homeless when…


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